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The Marlborough Science Academy

Home Learning

Home Learning at Marlborough is designed to embed, improve, apply and extend the learning that takes place in the classroom.

At The Marlborough Science Academy we believe home learning is important in:

  • supporting positive attitudes to learning
  • encouraging organisation and study skills
  • developing home/school partnerships
  • developing students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills
  • improving students' literacy and numeracy skills
How is home learning rewarded? 

High quality home learning and a good work ethos should be recognised inside and outside of the classroom. Where appropriate, home learning will be included in displays, both in the classroom and around the school, and used as exemplars.

As a further incentive the following rewards can be issued:

  • House point
  • Pinkie
  • Postcard home
The role of the student is to: 
  • listen to home learning instructions
  • monitor home learning set to them through Edulink
  • meet the expectation of completion and deadlines
  • attempt all work set and give their best
  • utilise any support offered to them
  • inform the class teacher of any difficulties before the lesson when the home learning is due in
  • use learning counts to provide constructive feedback
The role of the teacher is to: 
  • set home learning regularly according to the subject allocation
  • give full and comprehensive instructions
  • set realistic deadlines for the completion of home learning and ensure that these are met
  • provide clear instructions on all home learning tasks through Edulink
  • mark and return all home learning
  • inform the Head of Faculty or Director of Learning if problems arise
  • differentiate to ensure that all students can access and complete the home learning set
  • provide stretch and challenge through varied and interesting tasks
  • record missing or incomplete home learning onto SIMS and inform parents/carers where necessary
The role of the parents/carers is to: 
  • discuss, support and check the presentation and quality of the home learning returned to school
  • provide the school with information about any problems with home learning
  • encourage their son/daughter to attend home learning club
  • contact the school if they have any questions or concerns
Reporting to Parents/Carers 

Home learning completion grades will be provided at each grade card.

Support Offered 

The Marlborough Science Academy dedicates the Learning and Research Centre (LRC) to home learning at lunchtimes and the end of the school day for students from all year groups to complete home learning. The sessions at the end of the school day are supervised by the staff from the LRC and Specialised Learning Faculty who are able to support all students. It is also resourced with online access, printing and other materials to support students who may not have access to such resources at home.

How is home learning set? 

We endeavour to communicate home learning tasks and expectations efficiently to ensure student engagement and gain support from home, which in turn leads to effective home learning. Parents/carers and students can access live, personalised details of home learning expectations through Edulink.

How often is home learning set? 

In Key Stage 3 home learning is predominantly a project based programme accessed via the VLE.

Each home learning project lasts for three weeks. In the majority of cases there will be two home learning projects running alongside each other. In addition students will have weekly home learning in English, Mathematics and Languages. Design Technology, PSHCEE and Philosophy and Ethics will set home learning as and when it is needed according to the topic being studied. In addition subjects may set the occasional home learning task to support revision and assessments in class. Students taking Enhanced Learning will also have home learning once a week in this subject and students in Rapid Progress will have an extra English and Mathematics home learning per week plus Humanities home learning once a fortnight.

In Key Stage 4 home learning is set twice a week for English, Mathematics, and Science and once a week for each option subject.

Students will also be expected to carry out additional reading and revision of class work, especially during examination periods.