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The Marlborough Science Academy

Primary Schools

TMSA links with primary schools

We are incredibly proud of the relationships we have made with our local primary schools; relationships that help ease the transition of students as they journey from KS2 to KS3. Each year we aim to broaden our enrichment programme to ensure that as many primary students are able to work with our teachers and students.

Tmsa CUp


The TMSA Cup is a fantastic opportunity for local primary schools to bring some Upper KS2 students to Marlborough to compete in a league of academic quizzes against peers from other schools. Our quizzes cover a range of subjects, are hosted by our staff and aided by our fantastic student ambassadors. 

Each year, The Marlborough Science Academy hosts a series of quizzes and competitions for local primary schools. The TMSA Cup offers the chance for local primary schools to compete in a series of subject based quizzes that culminate in a general knowledge quiz at the end of the year. It also provides our students with the opportunity to help write the quizzes as well as compere.

Earlier this month, the Maths department ran the first of six quizzes. Miss Sutton and her team welcomed five primary schools into Pascal to compete in a range of rounds. Over 50 students pitted their wits against one another in what turned out to be a very tight set of results. Mandeville were victorious, closely followed by Prae Wood and then Killigrew.

Congratulations to all who took part.

The Maths Challenge

The Maths challenge is the first event in our TMSA League and takes place in the Autumn term. It features rounds that look at everything from shape and space, multiplication and division, geometry and area and real-life maths riddles.

The Core Subject Quiz

In the second half of the Autumn term primary school students join us to compete in our core subject quiz. Students face rounds on maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature and English – including spelling and grammar.

Humanities Quiz

In the Spring term students compete in rounds from medieval history to philosophy and ethics. There is a mixture of Horrible History style rounds to food tasting through the ages.

Big Book Quiz

Do your students know your Willy Wonka from your William Shakespeare? Your Dumbledor from your Dickens? The Big Book Quiz has ten rounds of all things Literature. Everything from character to catastrophe, literature through the ages to genres is covered.

The Arts and Technology Quiz

If you have Gifted and Talented students in the arts or technology this is the quiz for you. Art, Graphics, Music, Drama and Theatre, Food Tech, Media, Resistant Materials, Photography, Engineering, and Textiles are all quizzed.  

Let’s Quiz about it finale.

The grand finale of the TMSA quiz is largely general knowledge and current affairs based. There are also questions about cultural capital, citizenship and values (as well as some celebrity questions thrown into the mix!). It is also the night when the overall winners are announced. 

On site subject specialist masterclasses 

We also invite schools from the area to come in to school to spend time in our specialist classrooms to work with our teachers and our student ambassadors on a host of varied activities. To date students have: extracted DNA from strawberries; used plaster to create moulded tiles; mixed chemicals to find magical results; used digital technology and the dark room to develop photographs and made ‘bird box’ libraries in our woodwork room. For a number of years primary schools have also been using our swimming pool with their coaches and taken advantage of our other excellent facilities.

As we move forward we are looking to offer masterclasses in geography, psychology and even World Challenge survival

outreach in local schools 

Our teachers also go out to local schools to deliver lessons or lead activities. Students in Years 4-6 have studied Classics and Latin; been evacuees as they have been taken back to WW2; created multi-cultural dance pieces for end of year shows; watched productions based on what to expect when moving schools and settling in; debated ideas of politics and ethics and learned how to write analytical literature responses. Our sixth formers have also worked with schools to run Sports days, on extended art and literature projects and have even helped them create school newspapers.

Contacting the school  

If you would like any additional information regarding the work we do with local primary schools, or you would like to discuss future opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Redfern.