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The Marlborough Science Academy

Students & Parents

The information in these pages is designed to answer many of the questions that parents and students may have.

We have strong, supportive relationships between staff and students. Every student has a range of different adults to go to for help or advice. These include the Form Tutor, Director of Learning for each year group and Assistant Headteacher. It is an essential part of our school that students should be happy here because we believe that happy students are successful students.


Marlborough has high expectations of students. We want all to achieve to their maximum potential. Please help us in this by encouraging them to set themselves a high standard and praise them when they do well. If you feel that your child's strengths and abilities are not being used to the full, you should contact the form tutor.

Each year group will be thoroughly assessed in all subjects at the end of the school year and you will be informed of their progress through reports, grade cards, consultation meetings and academic review days.


Our fundamental requirement is that students respect each other, the environment and themselves. We will challenge, advise and if necessary punish any student whose behaviour stops others in the class from getting on with their work.

School Opening Hours 08.00am to 15.45pm

Student Hours 08.40am to 15.10pm (32.5 hours per week)

Students should arrive at school by 8.35 am in time for registration at 8.40 am.

There are five teaching periods each of 60 minutes. There is an assembly or registration time at the beginning of each day by rota and registration at the end of the afternoon session with school finishing at 3.10 pm.

All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle into school. The aim is to improve concentration and motivation whilst aiding the students' well being. Only the consumption of water is allowed during lessons at each teacher's discretion.

After school, the LRC is open until 4.20 pm for Homelearning Club. Any student may attend. Students should not be on site after the end of the school day unless they are taking part in a supervised activity.

Anti-Bullying Policy

School Anti-Bullying policy - click here


In the interests of the safety of all our students please deliver and collect your child outside the school grounds.

The layout of the school grounds makes it essential to prohibit all parents from driving on and off school premises between the hours of 8.30 and 9.00 am and 2.45 pm and 3.30 pm. The only exceptions are the school coaches and taxis.


Students cycling to school should:

  • Wear an approved cycle helmet
  • Have their parents' permission to cycle to school
  • Have a bicycle that is roadworthy - we reserve the right to inspect the bicycle at any time for roadworthiness
  • Ideally, wear a jacket with a reflective strip
  • Carry a cycle lock and secure any cycles to the rack provided. The school will not accept any responsibility for the storage and safety of equipment

For information on cycle training courses please contact Herts Road Safety on 01992 556820

Useful Links

Below are details of various support agencies for Parents & Carers.

Parent Support 
If you need someone to talk to in confidence then call 07946 868 048 Mon-Fri 9am-1pm

Free & confidential helpline for Parents & Carers open 24/7 call 0800 800 2222 or email

Families First
Provides information, advice, and guidance for parents, carers, and young people within Hertfordshire