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The Marlborough Science Academy

Literacy Information

Welcome to our new LITERACY ‘Home Page’.

We would like to provide information and news for students and their parents, guardians and carers, as well as introducing some of our new initiatives and ideas.

Word of the Week
This can be found on our internal digital signage screens. All staff and students are expected to know this and use it in lessons whenever possible.

Whole School Focus
Each half term we have a whole school focus. This can be found in the student planner.

‘Transferable Literacy Skills’ 
All Year 10 and 11 students (until they have taken their exams) take part in a weekly session called ‘Transferable Literacy Skills’ during form time when they are given newspaper articles and other media texts to discuss and evaluate. This is to help them improve the skills needed for Paper 1 in the English Language exam.

‘Literacy Ten Minutes’
All KS3 students complete fun activities, once a week during form time, to consolidate their literacy skills.

‘Literacy for Life’
A new initiative introduced this year is ‘Literacy for Life’. Once Year 11 have taken their exams, they will spend one form period each week concentrating on the literacy skills we feel would be beneficial in the outside world.

Spelling Bee
Every year we hold a Spelling Bee. Round one includes all students in KS3 with the top six students in each class going on to round two. The last 25 ‘fight it out’ in the final. The lucky winner receives the latest iPod!

Progress Units
Students in Year 7, who come to school with an insecure Level 4 in English in either reading or writing, are given small group help on three mornings a week to improve their literacy skills.

Reading Books
All students at KS3 are expected to have a reading book with them at all times as part of their school equipment.

‘Literacy Leader Scheme’
New for this year we are starting the ‘Literacy Leader Scheme’. All students in KS3 can take part by producing fun literacy resources to use in the classroom. They can earn a series of certificates (bronze, silver and gold) and prizes for delivering them as part of a lesson.

Marking for Literacy 
All staff use the marking for literacy symbols when marking work to help students improve their spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, expression, paragraphing, use of capital letters and presentation.

Each year we run a range of creative writing competitions. This year these have included Poetry by Heart for KS4, The Young Writer, and the Radio 2 500 Words Competition for Years 7 and 8. We strive to give our students as many opportunities to be creative as possible.

Reading Week
Reading is celebrated as a whole school once a year. We always have a visiting author(s) (The Two Steves in 2013) and a range of special events and competitions during this week including a Friday Karaoke Competition.

Author of the Week and Book of the Month
These can be found on the school website under the LRC Section. Each author is chosen because of a special link to that month and is celebrated through various means, including whole school competitions and lunchtime activities.

Year 7 Book Club
New for this year is the Year 7 Book Club. They meet once a week in the LRC and discuss the latest novels, research authors and complete fun activities.

Literacy Ambassadors
Every class in KS3 has a Literacy Ambassador to help the teacher promote literacy across the curriculum.

Enhanced Learning
Thirty students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are chosen each year to be in the Enhanced Learning groups, where they are given extra help with their literacy and numeracy.

Accelerated Reader
Starting in October 2013, all students in Year 7 began the Accelerated Reader Scheme and we have had some amazing results! To date, our most impressive student increased their Reading Age by four years and six months. Three students in the year group reached the highest reading age of 16 years and 6 months.

We aim to challenge all our readers to improve their understanding and reading ability.

Morning Reading Group
This was very popular with all our students last year. Selected pupils were chosen to read in the LRC every morning to help them to improve their understanding and reading ability. Members of SEN and Sixth Form students volunteer their time to help students to enhance their learning and identify any problems that might otherwise have been overlooked.

‘The Mo’
Students at the school run and write their own newspaper every week.

We are very excited to be the proud owners of a brand new giant scrabble board. Every week we will be holding an inter-house competition involving all year groups.

BBC News 
The LRC shows this throughout the day to make sure that our students are aware, at all times, of what is going on in the outside world.

Puffin ‘Virtually Live’
Enhanced students have been lucky enough to take part in three of these so far with Jeff Kinney, Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Rosen/Lucy Dahl. The Marlborough Science Academy contributed to the live feed by emailing questions to the authors. Two lucky students had their questions chosen and answered by the authors.

International School Library Month - October
To celebrate ISLM this year we have registered to take part in the Book Mark Swapping Scheme. We have been lucky enough to be linked up with three schools in Croatia and one school in India. Watch this Space!

Easy ways to help your son/ daughter eliminate careless mistakes in their writing

Year 8 Reading List

Year 9 Reading List

Year 10 Reading List

I hope you find the information on our literacy website useful.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding literacy please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs W Cook