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The Marlborough Science Academy

Communication & Literacy Information

Communication is a skill we can all learn; however, at Marlborough we like to make communication key to everything we do.

Word of the Week
All staff and students are expected to know this and use it in lessons whenever possible. Tier two words are chosen to broaden our students’ vocabulary and to allow students a broader understanding of the English language. The Words of the Week are linked to our value, quotation, oracy and assembly focus. Words of the Week can be found in our school reception, on our digital signage screens and in the weekly Form Powerpoint that our tutor team deliver.

Quotation of the Week

Each week a quotation is chosen that links to the value and assembly focus of the week. The quotation is displayed across the school, referenced in assemblies and discussed during form time.

Each week our students are invited to participate in The Big Question, and oracy activity that provides students the opportunity to discuss and debate an issue that pertains to the word, theme and assembly of the week. Students then vote via a Google Form, and the Student Voice is shared with the students and with our wider school community via our digital screens and our social media platforms.

Reading Books
All students at KS3 are expected to have a reading book with them as part of their school equipment. Year 7 and 8 students regularly read during their English lessons and have a designated LRC lesson. Each Form Room also has a selection of novels that are age appropriate and diverse in their genre and content.

Accelerated Reader
Our Accelerated Reader scheme is well established, and we continue to have amazing results! To date, our most impressive student increased their Reading Age by four years and six months. We aim to challenge all our readers to improve their understanding and reading ability. Students can access Accelerated Reader during their designated English lesson, in school during break and lunch, or on their Chromebooks.

Reading Fluency
To support students with their reading fluency, a select number of Key Stage 3 pupils participate in a short intervention programme designed to support reading fluency and understanding.

Marking for Literacy 
All staff use the marking for literacy symbols when marking to help students improve their spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, expression, paragraphing, use of capital letters and presentation.

Competitions and enrichment
Each year we run a range of creative writing House competitions. We strive to give our students as many opportunities to be creative as possible.

We also hold creative showcases within the school where parents are invited to an audience with the students. These are often themed in their nature and can range from celebration, winter tales to Gothic chills!

Book Fortnight
Every year we celebrate Book Week. This is usually early March to coincide with World Book Day. There are competitions, book fairs, Big Book Reads, author visits and literacy activities during the week including a Karaoke competition on Friday lunchtime to close the celebrations.

The Big Read
More information about The Big Read can be found in the LRC Section. Our LRC team choose one book which all students, staff, parents, and governors are encouraged to read and discuss. This year we hope to develop this further with cross curricular activities, competitions, lunchtime activities and even an author visit.

Book Awards
Each year students can shadow the St Albans School's Book Award, The Children's Book Award and The Carnegie Medal. This includes attending a discussion day with other local schools, creating artwork which is presented to the authors and taking part in competitions as well as, of course, reading some of the best new children's fiction available.

Morning Reading
We understand that for some students, reading can be a challenge. We carefully select a small group of Key Stage 3 students to read to a reading mentor, every morning to help them to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Members of staff and Sixth Form students volunteer to help students to enhance their learning, develop their love of literature and break down any reading barriers they may have.

‘The Mo’
Students at the school run and write their own magazine every half term. The team are primarily part of Sixth Form; however, the team are proud that all articles are written by the students for the students, and consequently, anybody can be involved.

We are very excited to be the proud owners of a giant scrabble board. This is used in LRC lessons and students can use this at lunchtime and there are house competitions throughout the year.

Easy ways to help your son/ daughter eliminate careless mistakes in their writing

Year 7 Reading List

Year 8 Reading List

Year 9 Reading List

Year 10 Reading List

If you have any concerns or questions regarding communication please do not hesitate to contact us.