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The Marlborough Science Academy

The Faculties

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum at Marlborough is a dynamic, carefully crafted and student centred provision that we believe prepares our students well to meet the rigours of adulthood and employment with confidence and emotional intelligence, all underpinned by our key values of dignity, kindness, compassion, courage and endeavour.

One size does not fit all and our curriculum pathways are designed to:

  • Stretch and challenge all abilities.
  • Offer breadth and balance.
  • Inspire the sense of awe and wonder that makes teaching exciting and learning effortless.
  • Respond to an increasingly technological world.
  • Keep students safe.
  • Ensure all students are prepared to follow their dreams whatever level they are working at.
  • Offer enrichment and creative activities that compliment and support learning as well as opening up the world and the opportunities travel and learning can provide.
  • Ensure that all students have respect for themselves and others within a multicultural society.
  • Give students opportunities to develop their character, express themselves intelligently and with regard for good manners and the law.

The curriculum is never 'done', it is reviewed annually in light of our cohorts and statutory requirements. We will always choose the right courses and means of assessment with our students' best interests at heart; we will never stand still.

Detailed information on the different faculty and subject areas can be found by clicking on the links below: