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The Marlborough Science Academy


We are proud of our school community’s support for charities both locally and nationally.  We are continually amazed by the personal contributions our staff and students make to raise money for charity including having their very long hair cut to donate to charities that make wigs for children with cancer! 

We have raised money on non uniform days for Breast Cancer Care, NSPCC, Red Nose Day and Jeans for Genes to name just a few. 

There are many ways we contribute to the community, some of which are shown below.

Alex Carter – Year 10: Volunteer sports leader for younger students at a tennis club

Alex was punctual and always arrived with a smile!

Alex was brilliant and players improved and were happy in his group.

Alex developed his communication skills and learnt to create a fun and structured environment.

A person holding a bucket on a tennis court

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Jody Neveling – Year 12: Volunteering for a wildlife charity, counting penguins virtually

By watching penguins, I have learnt about the different environments where penguins live and the dangers near penguins. I enjoyed seeing the places where young penguins are hatched. I counted the different penguins, the threats seen and the eggs that are seen and enjoyed the challenge of counting all penguins.

Progress made: Jody spent one hour or more each week observing penguins and recording information about their activities for a wildlife charity. She found this challenging at times but was very successful at providing useful data.



Achievements: She very much enjoyed her time, learning about how penguins live, particularly how they cared for their nests and eggs. As well as the difference between different penguin species.

Lily Boswell – Year 10: Volunteering to work in a charity shop

I have learnt how to tag clothes, price clothes appropriately and answer customers questions. I worked at How Wood Keech for 4 months and worked every Saturday.

Lily has been hardworking and willing to do and learn new tasks. She also has good timekeeping.

Lily made very good progress hanging and tagging clothes and can do this without assistance


Lily worked in the stockroom hanging and tagging clothes, sizing clothes, testing toys, pricing media. She also worked on the shop floor organising books, clothes and tidying the shop.

Moly Ling – Year 10: Volunteered as a Beaver Scout leader

Molly took part and helped to plan several different activities over several months for a Beaver unit. Here are a few highlights:

Scout hut sleepover -  is part of a badge to complete a night away from home, so we did a sleepover at the hut and watched cars 2 with some popcorn and hot chocolate.

Police visit - the police came and told the kids about their jobs, showed them the batons and allowed them to go in the police holding vehicle, sit in the seats etc. They had lots of fun and asked alot of questions.

Litter Pick! the hut is oyster fields and we decided to do a litter pick around the oyster fields park and some walkways.  The children were really invested in picking up litter, crawling in bushes etc. and seemed to really enjoy the experience. And we only had one litter picker get broken!

Easter Session - We had various activities - Easter crafts/games and Easter nests. I was on crafts and we made bunnies out of card and our hands  and played a game where you had to take one egg from one bucket to the other with a litter picker

Junk modelling -  the beavers were really calm and loved it, they were really focused and used alot of tape.


Izzy Pearcy – Year 10: Volunteered as a football coach for younger students

Izzy enjoyed providing engaging and enjoyable football training for younger players. She grew in confidence with playing and teaching over the months that she was working with them.


Ivy Sawyer – Year 11: Volunteering to help with jobs in the LRC at Marlborough

Over the past few weeks, I have been volunteering in my school's LRC, mainly helping to put books away, but I have also put identifying stickers in some books and on one occasion used a machine to put the protective covers on the books. A few weeks ago for my volunteering I learnt more about the way the books are organised and what stickers mean what, and put more stickers on the books.



The PTA would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who chose the Marlborough PTA as their local community fund. Together we managed to raise £2237.24, which will be put to good use, funding various projects around the school.


The Guide dogs joined us for 2 days in November. They were beautiful, well behaved and very friendly. Our students & staff loved stroking them and learning about their lives. They were aged between 6-9 months old and were absolutely adorable. Wasabi, Jacob Pascoe and Kate will no doubt make wonderful dogs for the blind.

Thank you to all who bought lots of doggy goodies. We raised over £130 for this worthy cause. Look forward to seeing them again next year.

#guidedogs #kindness #courage

Today, Friday 29th September 2023, we held our MacMillan Coffee morning and cake sale in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. We welcomed lots of lovely parents/carers who brought with them some delicious cakes. Staff and students also baked some amazing goodies, and so far, we have managed to raise over £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you!
#macmillancancer #macmillanCoffeeMorning

Macmillan Coffee Morning was held at TMSA on Friday 30th September 2022. Lots of parents came along to support this worthy cause. The cakes were plentiful and delicious and we raised a massive £600. A big thank you to the lovely parents who supported the event and to the LRC for hosting. 

Guide Dogs for the Blind 

Marlborough has worked with many charities over the years and The Guide Dogs for the Blind are annual visitors!

On Thursday 24th February 2022, Guide Dogs visited our school. In total, there were four dogs who came: a Labrador called Malbec, a cross breed of a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever named Ellen and German Shepherds Kobe and Fordi. Unfortunately, Fordi was overwhelmed by all the people and had to leave early.
Each dog was accompanied by their volunteer puppy raiser who told us about the requirements needed to become a guide dog and the training they go through. It was an amazing opportunity to raise money for a great cause and hopefully they can come again soon.  Year 10 Students

I was amazed that Malbec could grab a sleeve gently and then lead that person to their seat.
Malbec was trained to be a guide dog but due to a medical issue with his legs he is now a role model for new guide dogs – such a gentle giant.
Kobe was only 18 weeks old but was very well behaved and already knew how to be calm just like Malbec. I’m sure Kobe looks up to Malbec. Mrs Aylward

Many thanks for inviting us into school and for organising the event for the benefit of Guide Dogs.
We really appreciate your continued support and the warm welcome that we received from everyone that we met today.  We are extremely pleased with todays takings of £141.37. This is an excellent result for the short time that we were on site and students showed a great deal of interest in the dogs that came along

We will look forward to our next visit!
Thank you and kind regards
Jackie, Maggie & Jan.


The Marlborough Science Academy Cup is back! 
Each year, The Marlborough Science Academy hosts a series of quizzes and competitions for local primary schools. The TMSA Cup offers the chance for local primary schools to compete in a series of subject based quizzes that culminate in a general knowledge quiz at the end of the year. It also provides our students with the opportunity to help write the quizzes as well as compere.

Earlier this month, the Maths department ran the first of six quizzes. Miss Sutton and her team welcomed five primary schools into Pascal to compete in a range of rounds. Over 50 students pitted their wits against one another in what turned out to be a very tight set of results. Mandeville were victorious, closely followed by Prae Wood and then Killigrew.

Congratulations to all who took part.