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The Marlborough Science Academy

School Uniform


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students:

  • Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school; extreme dyed hair is not acceptable, neither are unnatural hair colours or obvious hair extensions.
  • Boys and girls hair length must have a grade 2 cut or longer. Tramlines or ‘Mohican’ like hairstyles are not acceptable. The Headteacher’s decision will be final.
  • We would ask that if hair bands are worn, they must be black - other hair accessories are not acceptable.
  • PE uniform must be worn to PE lessons.
  • No piercings are permitted to be worn in PE. Students will be expected to remove them for all PE lessons. The single set of piercings permitted must be removable.
  • No facial piercings (including tongue piercings) or retainers are permitted.
  • Uniform infringements will result in the student losing their free time that day if it cannot be rectified.
  • No socks under or over tights are to be worn.
  • No hoodies may be worn on the school site.
  • Hats should be of a ‘beanie’ style, in black.
  • Without clear medical evidence supporting the wearing of alternative footwear you will be required to change into footwear provided by the school.
  • Jewellery is not permitted, except a watch and 1 pair of plain metal stud earrings for students with pierced ears - students are not permitted to cover piercings with plasters.
  • Visible piercings or those that endanger health and safety are not allowed.  These include dermal piercings also known as micro-dermal piercings.
  • No ear stretchers or bars will be permitted (including safety studs and bars).
  • Any inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated.
  • Students are allowed minimum make-up.  No false eye lashes, eye shadow or bright lipstick is allowed.
  • Coloured nail varnish, acrylic nails or gels are not allowed. Clear nail polish is allowed.
  • Obvious tattoos are not allowed.
  • Gilets - plain black and hoodless are permitted.
  • Scarves and gloves should be plain and in black.
  • Bags must be suitable for carrying books and equipment.
  • All items brought to the school must be clearly marked with your name.
  • All items not deemed to be school uniform will be confiscated.

Specific School Uniform

  • Black pleated skirt - no more than 10cm above knee. If wearing a skirt, legs should not be bare, black opaque tights should be worn (no knee length socks; no leg warmers; no leggings; no footless tights; no socks over tights).
  • Black trousers - no jean-style; no lycra; no skinnies; no fashion belts. If wearing trousers black socks should be worn.
  • White shirt – short sleeved shirts are acceptable - tucked into the trousers or skirt.
  • School tie - top button fastened, tie knot up to the top button and tip of tie to touch tip of waistband.
  • School blazer with school badge which students are expected to wear at all times unless otherwise directed.
  • School black jumper with trim (optional, but if you choose to wear a jumper it must be this style).
  • Black coat - no denim or leather - with no logos.
  • Headscarf - black only.
  • School shoes – please refer to the school shoe checker guide.  Students should have another pair of shoes for use in PE lessons.

All uniforms are now provided by Sportswear International (SWI). This has resulted in considerable savings for uniform items. You can now order uniforms directly from SWI using their online portal at

A new school uniform welcome pack is now available by clicking here

SWI Parent Guide

School Outfitters

SWI Schoolwear
Fairoak Lane
Whitehouse Industrial Estate
0845 519 0099

Please click here for a downloadable SWI Price List & Order Form

  • Simply register your details and complete the order form to pay online using a credit/debit card or print off the form and post a cheque to SWI.
  • Orders over £70 will be delivered free of charge to your home with a £4 delivery charge if the order is less than £70. During term time there will be a free of charge weekly delivery to the school which you can also opt for.
  • Items available to order through SWI are: Standard Striped School Tie, Black Pleated Skirt, V-Neck Single Stripe Jumper, Boys Rugby Shirt with School Logo, Unisex Polo Shirt with School Logo, Unisex Shorts with School Logo, Coolmax Sports Socks, Unisex Track Pants with School Logo and Unisex Training Top with School Logo.

The Marlborough Science Academy Suitable Footwear

As part of our uniform policy, we expect all students to be wearing the correct footwear.  We understand that buying shoes is difficult as there are many different types of product that are marketed as school shoes.  Before purchasing any new shoes, we have produced this document to support you in buying a pair of shoes that is compliant with our uniform policy.

Plain black leather or patent leather type shoes that can be polished in a sensible style, with heels no higher than 3cm.  Black leather shoes that resemble trainers are acceptable if all logos and the side of the sole are also black.  No boots are allowed.

Students should have another pair of shoes to change into for use in PE lessons.

All these shoes are perfectly acceptable for school use.

Although some are trainer like shoes, they are black leather, and the logos and sides of the sole are also black.

These shoes are NOT acceptable for school use.  They are trainers where the logos or side of soles are not black.

These shoes are NOT acceptable for school use.  These are ankle boots and high tops

All school blazers can be purchased from the school at a cost of £26/£27 depending on size.

Following consultation with staff, students, and parents we have introduced a specially designed tie for Year 11 students. This is available to buy from us for £7.20.

Please see Blazer purchase letter and instructions on how to use School Gateway to purchase a year 11 tie or blazer. 

Please also see School Uniform Sizing guide here 

Confiscated Items

Items that do not meet school regulations will be confiscated.

  • They will be stored securely.
  • They will be returned at the school’s discretion.
  • Parents/carers may be contacted if the item is not suitable for return to the student.


If a student is not in full school uniform alternative clothing will be provided, or students will be sent to the Reintegration Room or home to change. We expect parents/carers to support us on all issues regarding uniform.

PE Kit


  • Polo Shirt - Maroon/black with school badge
  • Shirts - Black with school badge
  • Footwear - Training shoes and football boots
  • Socks - Black with white stripe
  • Swimsuit - Plain black
  • Swim Hats - Plain white
  • Training Top (optional) - Black/white with school badge (If you choose to wear a top it has to be this version)
  • Tracksuit Trousers (optional) - Black/white with school badge (If you choose to wear trousers it has to be this version)
  • Black sports leggings (optional) – If you choose to wear these they must be purchased from the school supplier.
  • Shinpads


  • Polo Shirt - Maroon/black with school badge
  • Footwear - Training shoes and football boots
  • Rugby/Football Shirt - Maroon/black reversible
  • Socks - Black with white
  • Football Shorts - Black with school badge
  • Swimming Trunks - Black swim shorts
  • Swim Hats - Plain white
  • Training Top (optional) - Black/white with school badge (If you choose to wear a top it has to be this version)
  • Tracksuit Trousers (optional) - Black/white with school badge (If you choose to wear trousers it has to be this version)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shinpads

Please be aware that only the school tracksuit with be accepted during PE lessons.


Second-hand Uniform

All proceeds for sales go to the PTA to help fund school projects. Donations of good quality, clean uniform can be made via school reception or can be collected within the St Albans area. Please contact Sara at for more details. This is a PTA initiative.