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The Marlborough Science Academy


Politics is delivered to students in Key Stage 5, where they are able to think through some of the most fundamental political philosophies and develop an appreciation of how views are formed and an understanding of others view and how they achieved them. Students have the unique opportunity to develop their own political views in a safe but challenging environment.  They are able to think through and develop their worldview, iron sharpening iron regardless of political affiliation.

Naturally, students learn about the history behind and the workings of government and politics in the United Kingdom. Similarly, they study the corresponding issues in the United States, which is particularly useful and relevant to students, considering the US’s role as the world’s superpower in recent history, today and for the foreseeable future.

politics key stage 5 

Students who choose to study Politics at Key Stage 5 follow the AQA Politics A level course.

Teachers at Marlborough have a long history of helping students get excellent results. Every year students go on to study politics at university. The lessons are extremely interactive and will help students develop their own critical thinking skills as well as preparing them for a rapidly changing world of work.

Course Content:

  • Government and Politics of the United Kingdom
  • The nature and sources of the British Constitution, The structure and role of Parliament
  • The Prime Minister and cabinet, The judiciary, Devolution, Elections and referendums, Political Parties, Pressure groups, The European Union
  • Government and Politics of the United States
  • The constitutional framework of US government, The legislative branch of government: Congress, The executive branch of government: President, The judicial branch of government, The electoral process and direct democracy, Political parties, Pressure groups, Civil rights
  • Political Ideas: The nature of political thought and ideas, a global look at Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Nationalism


  • Examination:

Paper 1 - Government and Politics of the UK is 2 hours long and worth 33.3% of the final grade

Paper 2 - Government and Politics of the USA is 2 hours long and worth 33.3% of the final grade

Paper 3 - Political Ideas is 2 hours long and worth 33.3% of the final grade

There is a mixture of medium length ‘explain’ questions and longer essay style questions in each paper.

Students who study Politics can go on to gain employment in occupations such as Law and legal affairs, politics and civil service careers at a local and national level, journalism and news related work and management and problem solving careers as well as many more.

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