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The Marlborough Science Academy


In Geography, we aim to develop skilled and knowledgeable Geographers with a passion for the subject. We want students to:

  • Learn/develop map reading skills
  • Be able to draw and analyse a variety of different types of data/graphs and images/sources
  • Have an understanding of current global issues
  • Learn about places, cultures and lifestyles

We have planned our Key Stage 3 curriculum to help students to develop empathy and understanding of poverty created by weather, climate change and hazards. Many of the units act as building blocks for Key Stage 4 so that students go into the GCSE course feeling confident and prepared. At Key Stage 3 our curriculum choices stem from the essential knowledge needed for Key Stage 4, and from reviews of student engagement and feedback.

At Key Stage 4 our curriculum is intended to develop and extend students' knowledge, starting with hazards and weather and building in more complex concepts and units as the course progresses. The content delivered in GCSE lessons is frequently updated with current examples, as we try to make the content as understandable and relevant to students as we can, creating synoptic links between units, the wider curriculum and the world in general.

At Key Stage 5 students apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students engage critically with real world issues and places, grow as independent thinkers and informed and engaged citizens, who understand the role and importance of Geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to understanding the world's changing peoples, places and environments.  

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