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The Marlborough Science Academy


Our engaging history curriculum is delivered by our passionate team and is centred on explaining why and how past events have shaped Britain and the world we live in today. We aim to deliver our lessons using modern teaching methods combined with the latest technology, films, role-play activities and interactive games. However, we also take seriously the importance of developing traditional academic skills, such as inferring evidence and essay writing.

Key stage 3 is delivered in chronological order, studying the causes and significance of events that have shaped Britain, Europe, and the modern world. We aim for students to understand the causes of existing global issues, like inequality in society, antisemitism, and international relations.

We take great pride in resourcing and preparing for lessons; students are quickly engaged and enjoy their learning, whilst being stretched and challenged in a happy and memorable environment.

Our key stage 4 curriculum covers a wide range of social, cultural, political, economic, and religious topics that all have contemporary relevance. As students learn content, we aim to develop their skills as historians too. This includes their conceptual awareness, working with evidence, and assessing the validity of historical interpretations. We are always challenging students, encouraging them to analyse and evaluate, building their self-confidence to express their own historical opinions. Similarly, at key stage 5 our pedagogy continues to develop complex historical skills fitting to the natural progression students are expected to make in preparation for university.

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