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The Marlborough Science Academy

Geography - Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Geography is designed to engage students and develop skills needed to progress into Key Stage 4. We try to cover a range of human and physical topics and create a baseline of knowledge needed for students to progress to GCSE but also to allow students to build good quality knowledge of the world around them. In addition to the outlined topics we also have ‘Geography in the News’ lessons. These are one off lessons and can be used whenever a significant global hazard or political event happens.

In Year 7 we cover the following:

  • Map Skills – What skills do we need to locate yourselves?
  • Africa – Understanding human and physical diversity of the continent
  • The Equator – How does Physical and Human Geography vary around the equator?
  • Crime and Conflict – How does geographical location and planning link with crime rate?
  • Natural Hazards – Why is our physical world constantly changing?
  • Wacky Weather – What are the causes and impacts of extreme weather?

In Year 8 we cover the following:

  • China – How has China’s economic growth caused environmental damage?
  • Rivers and Coasts – Why is our landscape constantly changing?
  • Global Issues – In a growing world how can we meet our future demands (energy/food and water)?
  • Development, Health and Globalisation – What is the development gap and what are the effects of globalisation? Who will be the new world leaders?
  • Ecosystems – Where are the World’s major ecosystems and what are the characteristics?
  • Country Project – Individual project 
Curriculum implementation

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Curriculum timelines

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Curriculum learning journey

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