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The Marlborough Science Academy


Mathematics is an exciting and ever-changing discipline which impacts and feeds into so many aspects of life. We strive to excite and enthuse students about mathematics, and to encourage a love of the subject.

Our intention is to develop citizens capable of problem-solving, reasoning and confidence in mathematical problems by delivering a rich curriculum. We strive to give students the skills to communicate and connect ideas fluently in the twenty-first century. Modern mathematics maintains at its roots ideas from a wide and diverse cultural heritage, and remains today as important as it ever was. Galileo stated that ‘mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe’.

Further, it is our intention to capture the cultural essence and the pragmatic ease to address day to day problems to enable every student to reach their personal best.

Mathematics is everywhere around us, and it is essential that our students are able not only to answer questions in a range of contexts, but to be confident when applying this to real life situations. We want our students to have the mathematical fluency to understand how the skills they have developed with us can help them to problem-solve and be applied to a range of different situations.

Lessons are taught in ability groups to ensure students are able to make rapid and sustained progress throughout all key stages and there is flexibility between groups throughout the school. Students who struggle with basic mathematics and literacy receive extra support in years 7 and 8, with a curriculum designed to focus on the skills required to build upon in GCSE Mathematics. We have a “fast track” curriculum for more confident students focusing on more complex material in years 7 and 8.

At key stage 4 we follow the Edexcel specification, and students who need more support to reach their potential have extra maths lessons focusing on how to apply the mathematics learnt in lessons. We also enter students where appropriate for Entry level Mathematics in addition to the GCSE course. To inspire students to aim higher we also offer the AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics qualification to our most able students. This feeds in to the A level and A level Further Mathematics courses on offer.

We promote links with primary schools and have a strong drive for student leadership, with sixth form students tutoring year 11 pupils in the lead up to their exams for an 8-week programme, and year 10 students mentoring younger children as they prepare to start their GCSE courses.

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