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The Marlborough Science Academy


Through rigorous and innovative English teaching we aim to ensure that all students:

  • Have a lifelong love of literature and language.
  • Are inspired to succeed and achieve their aspirational targets in this core subject.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to help them analyse the written and spoken word.
  • Are equipped with English skills required to understand the world around them today and in the future.
  • Experience the awe and wonder of learning.

English is the foundation of all other subjects. It has huge social and moral implications with Literature enabling students to become better thinkers and more empathetic human beings. Our curriculum is designed to encourage creative, questioning and thoughtful students. Throughout the curriculum, students are provided with a range of opportunities and experiences that will allow them to develop their interest in all aspects of English. The English curriculum builds on the learning and skill development from year to year. Students should be able to make synoptic links from what is taught in KS3 to KS4. It caters for all our students, providing stretch and challenge for aspirational students as well as support and provision for students who need it. Our curriculum ensures that students are taught an understanding that English is the cornerstone of communication in all areas of life and is vital to the future.

The English curriculum in Years 7 and 8 is designed to meet the National Curriculum as well as to be the basis for the AQA GCSE course. It focuses on the four areas assessed under English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. A wide range of topics are taught in imaginative and creative ways. Teachers use higher order questioning to test knowledge and skills and plan lessons that inspire our learners. Lessons have clear learning objectives and fully resourced lesson plans are available for teachers to use. Regular formative assessments are undertaken, and high quality feedback is given.

At KS4, the curriculum is closely linked to the requirements of the AQA GCSE in English Language and English Literature. Students study each topic first in either Year 9 or 10, and then it is revisited in Year 11 in order to build on knowledge and skills. Students are taught the skills of inference and deduction, analysis and evaluation as well as an understanding of the social and historical context of the texts studied. The curriculum enables students to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of texts. In addition, it ensures that students are also taught to write clearly and communicate effectively for a range of purposes and audiences.

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