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The Marlborough Science Academy

Physical Education - Key Stage 4 (Core PE)

Key Stage 4 Sport has been developed for the needs of every student. All students take part in sport for two hours per week and during this time they will take part in some of the following activities. 

Broad Curriculum

 Students are set into groups and work on a rotation system, taking part in the following activities: Netball, Trampolining, Football, Water Polo, Dance and Gymnastics, Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Rugby, Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Health Related Exercise. Careful consideration is given to offering a broad educational curriculum.

Games activities

These modules will focus on developing a deeper understanding of the key concepts that underpin tactics and strategies in team games. Students will not only focus on their own performance but also the performance of the whole team as well as undertake different roles within the game including referee, coach etc.


This module will allow students to develop and test their individual levels of fitness. Students will look at their cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and core strength, learning how to plan and lead their own sessions.

Outdoor Adventurous Activities

These modules focus on team-building, cooperation, problem-solving and resilience. Students will develop ways to solve team problems, including shelter building, orienteering and wide games, as well as considering how they lead and what skills a leader requires.

Curriculum Implementation 

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Curriculum Timelines 

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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