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The Marlborough Science Academy

Philosophy and Ethics - Key Stage 4

Students who choose to study Philosophy and Ethics at Key Stage 4 will follow the AQA GCSE Religious Studies A course.

The areas covered in the course include:

  • Religions – beliefs, teaching and practices:
    • Christianity
    • Islam
  • Themes – modern and religious views of:
    • Relationships and Families
    • Religion and Life
    • Religion, Crime and Punishment
    • Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice




The types of tasks that are completed are:

  • Discussing beliefs and ideas and how these impact on different individuals.
  • The opportunity to discuss and further develop beliefs and opinions on different topics.
  • Researching how religions impact on the world today and the positive and negative impacts that they can have on different people and on wider society.
  • Using different forms of media to demonstrate ideals that religions may have, as well as how these religions have evolved over time, in order to suit the needs of an ever-changing modern world.

The course is assessed by two 1 hour 45 minute examinations worth 50% each of the final grade.

  • An exam based on knowledge of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam
  • An exam based on the four themes studied

Students who study Philosophy and Ethics can use the qualification to access a number of different career paths, such as welfare work, social work, policing, media roles, law, journalism, teaching and any jobs where discussion and liaison with others is important.

Curriculum Implementation 

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Curriculum Timeline 

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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