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The Marlborough Science Academy

Philosophy and Ethics - Key Stage 4 (Core)

Core Philosophy and Ethics is taught to all students at key stage 4, regardless of their option choices. This is due to a government requirement that all students should study Religious Education in some form. However, Core Philosophy and Ethics is not an examined subject, and students will not receive a qualification in this subject.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss various moral, ethical and philosophical issues, which will allow them to consider their own values and opinions and compare these with others. The topics we look at in the course are:

  • Taking Care of Our Planet
  • Family Life and Upbringing
  • Inequality, Poverty and Wealth
  • War and Peace
  • The Holocaust
  • Sin and Crime
  • Medical Ethics
  • Matters of Life and Death   

Discussion skills are incredibly important in the subject, as Core Philosophy and Ethics lessons see much debate, helping to hone debating skills as well as aid the development of personal beliefs and opinions. The ability to listen to others and to understand and appreciate the different views you may hear is also highly valued, as are problem-solving skills and openness to belief systems that may differ from your own.

Many lessons focus on discussion and group work; these will be looked at along with written work in order to ascertain understanding within lessons. Personal opinions and thoughts on different issues are also developed through in-class debates as well as working on different projects and student-led teaching activities.

Curriculum Implementation 

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Curriculum Timeline 

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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