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The Marlborough Science Academy

Drama - Key Stage 3

Drama develops many transferable skills such as confidence, public speaking, group work, creativity, problem-solving and communication.

Our aim for the Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 is to provide opportunities for students to develop communication skills, explore alternative viewpoints and create their own content based on a variety of stimuli.

In Year 7 we cover the following:

  • Introduction to Drama: Developing confidence and building skills for creative work
  • Pantomime: Looking at the codes and conventions of this genre
  • Car Jacked: Cross curricular work based on the school’s ‘Big Read’ title
  • Mad Scientists and Zombies: Approaching and analysing text
  • Urban Legends: Exploring the nature of storytelling, students will be looking at Urban Legends and the tale behind them
  • Harry Potter: This is a cross curricular project with English, exploring the writing of JK Rowling

In Year 8 we cover the following:

  • Skills for Devising: This unit starts to develop students’ skills for building their own performances, in preparation for GCSE.
  • Teacher in Role: With the teacher in role as one of the characters, students have to use their understanding of vocal and non-verbal communication to solve a problem.
  • Devised Performance: Students will work on a devised teacher led performance based on a play that will engage them in work developing the class as a production company with varying roles and responsibilities
  • Romeo and Juliet: Students will perform a variety of scenes from a well-known play and will learn lines from this performance and adapt the piece through a variety of workshops
  • Scripted Performance and Stagecraft: Students will take on varying production roles and perform a short play working towards individual targets and roles to come to together in a final whole class performance.
  • Monsters of the Past: Students will engage in a GCSE style workshop applying a variety of the skills learnt in the past two years and gaining a better understanding of the application of these skills in post scripted and devised work

Curriculum Implementation 

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Curriculum Timelines 

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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