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The Marlborough Science Academy

Treading Water for Mental Health

Treading Water for Mental Health: 27 students worked outstandingly together to raise awareness of Mental Health

On Wednesday 17th July 2019, The Marlborough Science Academy held a house competition where the students would raise awareness for mental health through sport.

Here at Marlborough we believe that mental health is extremely important and should be spoken about more. Mental health is part of every individual’s life, and as a school, we believe in keeping everyone’s mental health positive.

To promote mental health we used ‘Treading Water’ to symbolise how in life sometimes you can feel like you are just treading water and floating through the days.

There were about six members in each house. The idea was to see which house could tread in water the longest. When the first person eventually got tired, the next person would get into the pool and swap. This was continuous until the whole team had a go.

The results were that Neptune came in 3rd place, Saturn and Mars were joint 2nd place and therefore the winner overall was Mercury. The student who stood out to us the most was Scarlett in Year 7. She trod water so effortlessly and really bagged a win for the team, staying in the pool for almost 30 minutes.

Well done to all students who competed!

Tai Stojanovic 10PA


Thank you to the all the students who took part, some of whom are pictured above:

  • Tom Dimbylow-8LM
  • Elsa Leech- 8LM
  • Owen Dorrington – 7AT
  • Gracie Gibbins- 8RY
  • Rosie Hatherley- 10KS
  •  Serena Chikhlia-10RT
  • Miles Punter-8LM
  • Josh De Goede- 7TR
  • Josh Twining- 10LT
  • Anna Visegradi- 9DD
  • Nathan Thoree- 9DD
  • Lui Page – 7AT
  • Thomas Stewart- 10RT
  • Olivia Stevenson -10 KS
  • Rhianna Berryman -10RT
  • Rhianna Patel- 9JI
  • Amelie Hallam-10LT
  • Ryan Voisey- 9LO
  • Rosie Vass-8RY
  • Scarlett Watson- 7AT
  • Gunther Huisamen-10RT
  • Evie Devereux-8BA
  • Harvey Mattewson- 9NS
  •  Nian Strydom- 7TR
  • Tai Stojanovic- 10PA
  • Alex Noon-10 DG
  • Nikhil Patel 8RY