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The Marlborough Science Academy

Biology - Key Stage 5

Students who choose to study Biology at Key Stage 5 follow the AQA Biology A level course.

Biology at Marlborough is staffed by a range of passionate Biologists who are keen to share their love of this wonderful subject with their students. The Science Faculty is well resourced at Marlborough and there is a Head of Biology in post within the department who will personally oversee the delivery of the course. Specialists staffing the department currently include a Biochemist and a Sports Scientist who share the delivery of this varied and exciting course to ensure an excellent and highly specialised learning experience.

Course Content:

A Level Biology examines a range of areas, from respiration and photosynthesis, to cell structure and function, adaptation of the gaseous exchange systems in mammals, absorption in the gut, immunity and defence and the conduction of action potentials along neurones to name a few. Students will complete a number of mandatory practicals and experience A level examination training throughout the course. A level Biology requires focus, dedication, an excellent work ethic and an understanding that it is not the ‘easy’ Science.


  • Students sit three 2 hour written examinations at the end of the two-year course:
    • Paper 1 is worth 35% of the final grade and will cover the content from topics 1 – 4, including relevant practical skills
    • Paper 2 is worth 35% of the final grade and will cover the content from topics 5 – 8, including relevant practical skills
    • Paper 3 is worth 30% of the final grade and will cover content from the entire course, including relevant practical skills

Studying Biology gives you a well-rounded view of the way science affects society and the individual. A level Biology is particularly useful if you wish to progress further in medical or veterinary science, the pharmaceutical or agrochemical industry, biochemical or genetic research, biotechnology, the food industry, nursing, teaching or become a laboratory technician.

Curriculum Implementation 

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Curriculum Timeline 

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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