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The Marlborough Science Academy

Mathematics - Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 students will follow the Edexcel Mathematics (9 – 1) Mathematics course.

The areas covered in the course include:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Geometry and measure
  • Probability and statistics

During the course students will:

  • Be challenged with a variety of problem-solving activities
  • Improve their reasoning skills
  • Develop confidence when answering mathematical style questions, both algebraically and numerically

The course is assessed through three, 1 hour 30 minute equally weighted examination papers:

  • Paper 1 is non-calculator
  • Paper’s 2 and 3 allow for a calculator to be used
  • All students follow a linear course which means the assessments are taken at the end of the course

Most careers will require you to have a qualification in mathematics, as will Post 16 and college courses, especially the following:

Economics, Information and Communication Technology, Medicine, Banking, Architecture, Insurance, Engineering, Marketing, Accountancy, Business Management, Psychology, Pharmacy, Computing and the Sciences. 

Curriculum Implementation

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Curriculum Timelines

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Curriculum Learning Journey 

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