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The Marlborough Science Academy

Families in Focus ​​​​​​​

"There’s two of us, Francine (left) and Lesley (right) and between us we have a wealth of experience in working with families. Our involvement in education and counselling, including time working with children at high risk of exclusion from school, and with additional needs, has enabled us to develop evidence-based, supportive, and therapeutic parenting programmes, accredited with the CANparent quality mark –  the only quality mark that covers the work of all providers of universal parenting classes. We work hard to create a safe, judgement free environment to enable family diversity to be acknowledged and validated."

"All of our courses are free to parents living in Hertfordshire, and are run by us – Francine and Lesley. We offer a range of topics to help parents to navigate the challenges of daily life."

"Over the past 13 years, 95 per cent of our parent attendees would highly recommend our services to other parents."

Please click here to visit the website with information on all the courses that are available, free, to parents.

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