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The Marlborough Science Academy

Student Council


What is TMSA Student council?

Our Student Council represents the voice of the student body, their views and the decisions that help to shape the school and support our local community. We are a team of students, from all years, who work collaboratively with the Heads of School and, at times, the Senior Leadership Team to improve our school. We understand the importance of the role and how we can help to provide new opportunities and a student voice for every child.

At The Marlborough Science Academy we aim to help young people to have a greater say over matters that affect our school, our school community and our wider lives. Looking at our wider local community is also an important part of role; to date we have worked with HCC on an environmental campaign; are working with the Sustainable Schools Trust and our Student Council were responsible for leading a positive mental health conference for all of the secondary schools in St Albans and Harpenden.

What makes our Student council efective? 

We work together as a team to help make our school the very best it can be. Our Student Council respects the views of others. Each form is represented by volunteer council members who raise the ideas or concerns of their fellow tutees.

Why is it an important role? 

Our role is important because we can offer the views of the student body when decisions are being made that make our school what it is: a happy, safe, learning community where all students endeavour.

The Student Council is involved in the interview process of teaching and support staff. We are also encouraged to work towards finding solutions and ways to action the voice of the students. We are encouraged to have an understanding of the decision making processes involved with the successful running of a school in today’s modern and technological world.

Why is our student council effective? 
  • Scheduled weekly meetings
  • Sub-committees chaired by one of the Heads of School
  • Weekly minutes published to all students on Edulink
  • A Student Council that represents every form
  • Good communication between representatives, forms and year groups
  • Annual evaluations
  • Exceptional legacy of fund raising for nominated charities
  • Completely voluntary
  • 2019/20 we had over 70 members
  • Every member wears a Student Council badge so they can be recognised by others and always lead by example.
  • Initiatives driven by the students
What happens at meetings? 

Our Student Council meets weekly; the topics discussed are varied and diverse. It is these weekly meetings that drive the half termly focus for each sub-committee. Initiatives are varied and range from school uniform, environmental issues, increasing awareness of positive mental health within the school and extra-curricular clubs.

Once each sub-committee has determined their focus for the half term (and it has been agreed at SLT level) students work collaboratively on everything from the initial ideas to its completion.

is the student council a democratic process? 

Whilst the Student Council embraces many elements of the democratic process, it is important to remember that all decisions regarding the school need to be agreed upon by Ms Thomson. However, representatives choose to be part of School Council on a voluntary basis and participation in each sub-committee is down to the individual themselves.

It is up to us to decide the agenda for the meetings and, with the help of Heads of School and Ms Redfern, we organise timescales and future plans. Occasionally, staff ask that the Student Council add something specific to their agenda; once discussed, and answers or solutions are suggested, Ms Redfern or the Heads of School will results are passed on to the relevant teacher.

Heads of School meet regularly with SLT to share the voice of the students and the foci of each sub-committee. The results of these SLT discussions are reported back to the full Student Council who will then disseminate information to the forms and year groups they represent.

Any concerns that the students have are raised at School Council meetings and all voices are heard. We have some fantastic ideas for the coming year. These can be found on the minutes that are published each week.

What have we achieved? 
  • To date over £6k to local charities
  • Home Learning alerts on Edulink
  • Agreement to have Meat Free Mondays
  • Represented our school in a Positive Mental Health Conference
  • Mental Health Display board
  • Agreement to develop the school map on Edulink
  • School Wifi strengthened
  • Skorts to be looked in to by the PE department
  • Increased House events within school
  • PTA agreed to donate money to the refurbishment of Jubilee Gardens
  • Agreement that students will be involved in designing the student toilets in the new building
  • House Pins for every student
  • Sustainability report to SLT