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The Marlborough Science Academy

Year 8

Here are some activities for Year 8 students to complete.

PDF versions of each item are available to download at the bottom of the page.

natural history museum colouring pages

classics - a greek odyssey with bettany hughes

If you are thinking of studying Classics next year you may enjoy this programme.

Follow the link to watch A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes

There are 6 episodes to watch

Exploring fiction - one shot by tanya landman 

Click here to read the opening chapter of One Shot by Tanya Landman. Based on real-life events, this book tells the story of one girl’s determination to  defy the odds and follow her dreams in a man’s world.


Once you have read the first chapter you can do the following;

1.Use the template provided or your own design to create a comic strip of the scene with the bear.

2.The book is based on the true story of Annie Oakley. What can you find out about her? Make a fact file showing the important facts and dates of her life.

3. Click here to watch an original film of Annie in action.

4. The main theme of the book is that you can be whatever you want to be even when everyone around you is telling you that you can’t. 

Find an example of someone who achieved against the odds and write a short biography of their life.

Exploring Fiction - robin Hood:Hacking heists and flaming arrows

Robert Muchamore’s new book Robin Hood: Hacking, Heists and Flaming Arrows brings Robin Hood storming into the 21st century. Click here to watch the book trailer and listen here as the author reads the opening pages!

1. Continue the story in your own words and let us know what you think happens next.

This is a very modern version of the Robin Hood story. Read this article which looks at the more traditional stories and asks the question 'Did Robin really exist?'

Can you find the names of two places mentioned in the article that are named after Robin?

According to the article where did Robin die?

2. Create a Fakebook page for Robin here You can either use a traditional Robin Hood character or the character from the book to create your profile.

3. If you would like to read the rest of the book you can borrow it from the LRC