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The Marlborough Science Academy

Year 9

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  • Year 9 Virtual GCSE Information Evening

    Published 05/10/20
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    Published 30/06/20



    With the end of term looming ever closer, we need to ensure that we get the school ready for September and so part of this process is clearing out the lockers used by the students.

    This is of course more problematic than in other years and so we will need to be very prescriptive over this process, thus avoiding unnecessary contact with other groups already at school.


    Therefore we will be offering specific dates for specific forms to attend school and remove their items from their lockers and so the following conditions must be adhered to:


    • STUDENTS MUST attend ONLY on the date and between the times shown and by FORM GROUP
    • The Students MUST attend the SITE LODGE first and NOT GO to their lockers unescorted. 
    • Upon arrival at the SITE LODGE a member of the Site staff will escort the student to their locker to retrieve their property
    • The key will then be given to the Site staff




    The following dates will apply to respective Form Groups:


    MONDAY 13th JULY              BETWEEN 10am and 2pm               Forms 9AK & 9BA



    TUESDAY 14th JULY              BETWEEN 10am and 2pm                Forms 9EM & 9HF



    WEDNESDAY 15th JULY       BETWEEN 10am and 2pm                Forms 9JG & 9LB



    THURSDAY 16th JULY          BETWEEN 10am and 2pm                 Forms 9LL & 9RY



    Any items not retrieved will be removed by site staff and disposed of. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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  • Year 9 Revision Guides Order Form 2019-20

    Published 17/03/20
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  • Year 9 Revision Guides List 2019-20

    Published 17/03/20
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