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The Marlborough Science Academy


Our aim is to provide an assessment system that is understood by students, staff and parents so that everyone can see how students are progressing.  Assessment at Marlborough is based on the same scale throughout the school so that progress can be monitored across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  The scale is linked to the new GCSE 9-1 grade scale with the addition of Bronze, Silver and Gold at Key Stage 3.

As students learn and move through the school their progress should be seen to move from left to right along the scale.


What’s reported to parents?

Key Stage 3
Students in year 7 and year 8 receive a grade card three times a year.  For each grade card, teachers assess the grade that a student is working at through the work and assessments they have completed in class and for home learning.  They also predict the grade they think the student will be working at by the end of the academic year.

Key Stage 4
Students in years 9, 10 and 11 receive a grade card three times a year.  As students have started their Key Stage 4 courses teachers predict the grade they think the student is likely to achieve at the end of year 11.

Target Setting
Targets are set to challenge students and encourage them to strive for their best.  They are based on their performance at Key Stage 2.  In year 7 and year 8, students are given an end of year target and in years 9, 10 and 11 they have targets to aim for by the end of year 11.

Grade Cards
For each grade card that is sent home, alongside the assessment information, staff also report on other aspects of a students work.  These include:

  • Attitude to Learning - The attitude a student shows to their learning, both class learning and home learning.
  • Home Learning Completion - This indicates how effective a student is at meeting home learning deadlines.
  • Organisation - How well prepared a student is for lessons, including bringing all their equipment and books.

Each of these is graded by the class teacher on a 4 point scale:

  • 1 - Outstanding,
  • 2 – Good,
  • 3 – Requires Improvement,
  • 4 – Inadequate.

At Key Stage 4 staff also report on the controlled assessment that has been submitted.  This has two elements:

  • Controlled Assessment Up-to-date - Whether all the controlled assessment that should have been submitted at this stage has been.
    • Y – Yes.
    • N – No.
    • 0 – Not applicable at this stage.
  • Controlled Assessment Status - The standard of controlled assessment currently submitted for each course
    • 0 – Controlled Assessment not yet due/applicable,
    • 1- Working beyond target,
    • 2 – Working at target,
    • 3 – Working below target


The grade card will also have a residual which is the difference between a Predicted Grade and a Target Grade.  A positive value indicates a student is working above expectation, a zero indicates work at expectation and a negative value shows a student is working below expectation.    Residuals should always be considered in conjunction with the Attitude to Learning, Home Learning and Organisation grades.  If all of these are 1s and 2s then a student should be congratulated even if they have a negative residual as the targets are challenging and students progress at different rates.

Should you have any questions about assessment at Marlborough then please contact Miss D Crook, Deputy Head Teacher or Mr A Stanton, Assistant Headteacher.