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The Marlborough Science Academy

Student Comments

2017 Year 7 Students

'I have enjoyed Science and Design & Technology because they are much more interesting than in primary school.'

'I wanted to come to Marlborough because I wanted to join the lovely, hardworking and high achieving school.'

'So far I have enjoyed Maths, English and Chemistry. I have enjoyed them because of the positive words of the teachers and because Marlborough has made the lessons the best they could.'

'I have enjoyed English, Philosophy and Ethics, Drama, Music, Geography and Maths.'

'I wanted to come to Marlborough because I knew that it is filled with great opportunities.'

'Maths is my favourite subject and I have also enjoyed Drama and Geography because it is very fun and interesting.'

'My best class so far has been Science because we used Bunsen burners and we lit magnesium to make a big, bright, white light.'

'I really enjoy home learning club as it can really help getting work done.'

'I have really enjoyed Design & Technology the most because it has been awesome and you get to make lots of different things.'

'In the subjects you learn a lot more and you learn new subjects, it's a great school.'

'I have enjoyed swimming, IT and Science because they are really fun and I get to do lots of exciting things that I couldn't do in primary.'