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The Marlborough Science Academy

Year 6/7 Transition Programme

The Year 7 Penn Resilience Programme

Taught through Year 7 pshcee

What will your child be studying?

  • 18 lessons designed to increase emotional resilience to every day obstacles in life
  • A set of skills that enable students to:
    • See themselves and the world with healthy optimism
    • Think flexibly and accurately about problems
    • Focus their energy on aspects of the situation they can change
    • Cope effectively with what they cannot change
    • Use effective problem solving strategies
    • Communicate effectively with others

What will be the Key Assessment(s) during this term?

  • There is no formal assessment for this programme. Each student will complete a questionnaire at the end of the course and we hope that progress will be seen through the ways in which students approach problems and situations in their everyday life.

How can you help?

  • Encourage your child to share the strategies with you so you can help them to apply them to situations outside of school
  • Let your child practice their new skills on you!
  • Have a look at the websites about the programme so you can support your child
  • Be aware that your child is learning new skills to help them understand themselves, the world and others more effectively

Supportive Websites/Resources